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Commercial Vent has been servicing restaurants, food providers, and other businesses in the food industry for over 40 years. Exhaust cleaning, vent cleaning, degreasing hoods and filters, cleaning ductwork and fans, and even cleaning of kitchen equipment, walls, ceilings, and floors are just some of the services we provide.

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Kitchen grease duct inspection

For all new restaurant construction and renovations it is highly recommended to have your system inspected by a certified exhaust cleaner prior to signing off on your construction contract. A certified inspector can let you know if there will be appropriate access openings for removing grease from your system. In addition it is highly recommended to do a water leak test on all new systems prior to the sub ceiling being installed. Most new systems have numerous welds in the kitchen exhaust duct that leak. Once grease penetrates the welds it is very difficult to clean and re-weld after the fact. Additionally the restaurant will be in operation and the contractor will likely be gone. This can become a huge cost for the restaurant operator Commercial Vent cleaning has the only certified IKECA (International kitchen exhaust cleaning association) inspector in Western Canada. All kitchen exhaust cleaners working in the Vancouver, Richmond and Lower Mainland of BC must be certified by ASTT and apply a sticker placed on the canopy bearing the technicians certification number and stamp.

Commercial Vent Cleaning

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